Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 17

My grandpa Harold is eighty four years old. He just turned eighty-four in February. My grandpa Harold is my mom's dad. He is a huge Cubs and Bears fan and he has been to every state in the U.S. My grandpa used to be in the army. He's a very intelligent man. He always has some kind of interesting story about his life experiences. Unfortunately, my grandpa probably will not be around much longer. He is getting older and has a lot of health issues. His main problem is that he has a pig's valve in his heart that was only supposed to last fifteen years and it was put in thirteen years ago. Life definitely won't be the same without him around.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 16

My grandma Barbara is actually my step-grandma. She married my grandpa Harold before I was born. She is just another grandma to me though because I have not known any different my whole life. Barbara loves to cook like my other grandma. She is especially good at cookies. She sells Pampered Chef and bakes for her parties a lot. She is also active in her church and is in the choir and bells. Barbara has a chubby little dog named Molly. Molly has been around ever since I was in first grade so she is getting pretty old. Unfortunately for Barbara she is also really clumsy and has a tendency to fall and hurt herself a lot.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 15

My aunt Robin is my aunt by marriage. She married my dad's brother Steve and had two kids with him, Nathan and Adelyn. Robin is a really hard-working woman. She grew up in the country on a farm so she definitely is a lot less prissy than a girl who has grown up in town like me. Robin has her own garden out at her house. She also has animals such as chickens and rabbits and horses. She has been a hair stylist for several years. Just a few years ago Robin actually opened up her own shop out at their house. Robin coaches the preschool gymnastics classes at Talents Unlimited on the weeknights. She is currently in the process of building her own bakery. Right now she only cuts hair one day a week because she is busy baking for her business the rest of the time.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Week 14

My uncle Trent is actually my uncle by marriage. He married my dad's sister Lauri a long while before I was born. Trent is a really cool guy. We have a lot of talks about life every time I see him. Trent was in the marines after he graduated high school. He eventually went on to law school and became a lawyer. He does not like his job anymore. He always tells me to stick with the medical field and do not ever go to law school. He currently works at a law firm in Mt. Vernon, IL. Trent is a very laid back guy, especially compared to his wife. It is a wonder how they have ever worked out as well as they have.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 13

My Grandpa Wally is an entertaining man. He reminds me very much of my father. Grandpa Wally is really good with young kids, but somewhat awkward with teenagers like myself. My Grandpa Wally has seven brothers and sisters. He was the only of his siblings to not remain Catholic. Every now and then one of my grandpa's siblings will come to town with their kids. My grandpa was also the only one of his siblings to stay in Paris. My grandpa Wally is a huge baseball fan also. He loves the St. Louis Cardinals. He also loves to watch his grandchildren play softball and baseball.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 12

My grandma Judy, my dad's mom, is one of my favorite people. I've learned a lot from having her as my grandmother. My grandma Judy is an excellent cook. There is nothing better than going to her house because every single time she always has some kind of homemade cookie or pie made. She's a really good at making scrapbooks as well. She always comes to all of her grandchildren's events and takes pictures. She makes a scrapbook of everything important that happened with all of us for every year. My grandma Judy is also very challenged at working modern technology. She has a flip phone for her cell phone and she uses Facebook on her computer. I love getting emails from her because they are always almost comical. She doesn't know how to type very well so it is always amusing trying to read them.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 11

My uncle Steve is the youngest of my dad's siblings. My dad and Steve are a lot like my sister and I in the way that they do not even look related. Steve is over six feet tall and pale and blonde headed.
My dad is fairly short and tan and has brown hair. Steve is the goofy sibling of the three. My dad and his sister Lauri are very serious and mature. Steve worked as a state cop for server all years. Recently he got promoted and he now works in Champaign dealing with police evidence and such. My dad and Lauri always picked on Steve as a child because he was the youngest. They tell stories a lot about how they used to chase him with a Pink Panther doll because it scared him.